Laughing Matters provides clean, age-appropriate, kid friendly improv comedy for your school or youth organization.


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Acting Out Improv

Two of Laughing Matters’ improvisation masters use age-appropriate games, skits and songs to tickle the funny bone, sharpen the mind and stimulate the imagination. Students will love to share their ideas and take part in the unscripted, unexpected and hilarious results. The artists will be happy to gear the program to specific curriculum objectives or school-wide themes.

Creative Thinking Residency or Workshop

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” With Laughing Matters, you get both. One of the company’s quick-witted actors leads students in devising tricky, hilarious, and improbable scenarios to challenge their classmates’ imaginations and ingenuity. There are no right or wrong answers -- just exercises in teamwork and creative problem solving that are fun and stimulating for everyone. Talk with the artist in advance to determine your theme, focus, and learning objectives.

Improvisation for Conflict Resolution

Laughter is a powerful tool to help students manage their reactions to interpersonal conflicts. Two of Laughing Matters’ artists use age-appropriate topics drawn from current events, teacher suggestions, or hot-button issues raised by students themselves to create scenarios in which they -- and their student assistants -- must improvise a solution to the conflict. Students learn how to monitor their emotional responses and assess which strategy among myriad possibilities would be the most effective to diffuse a particular situation.

Learning through Laughter

Laughter is not just the best medicine; it’s a highly effective teaching, learning, and team-building strategy with limitless classroom applications. Under the guidance of a Laughing Matters’ skilled teaching artist, students may create a reader’s theatre play, write mathematical poetry, or explore the New World with Balboa and his courageous crew. The interview techniques of improvisational comedy also can be used for peer counseling, mentoring, and team-building. It’s up to you. Just pick a topic and improvise.

Mystery Readers Theater

Students become cast members, suspects, and detectives in one of Laughing Matters’ three hilarious, violence-free “whodunits”: The Show Might Go On, The Valentine’s Day Mystery or The Case of the Washed-Out Watercolor. Through the vehicle of reader’s theatre, they work with Laughing Matters’ artist facilitator to practice speaking aloud, improve their reading fluency, and use creative thinking to devise an original solution to the mystery. Each show is designed for approximately 30 individual and two group roles, which can be assigned before the artist arrives or at the beginning of the program.